50 Shades of Sweaters

Monday October 7th
3:00 - 6:00P

Never knit a sweater? Knit a few sweaters but none of them fit quite right? This is a chance to look at construction styles of 60 sweaters. This will allow students in the class to really visually “see” what they may like or dislike about a sweater they plan to knit. Topics will include: Yarn choices; How to fix a gapping neckline; What if a sweater is too long; What if sleeves are too short; Can a hand knit sweater actually make you look thinner.

In this 3-hour workshop, Cori will give you ideas for things you’ve never heard of doing to get a sweater to fit you superbly. She’ll show you why some sweaters look great on everyone and will talk about why some sweaters will never fit anyone well, even though we love the look of them. These tips and more all in one place at one time and you can try them all on!