50 Shades of Shawls

Monday October 7th
10:00A - 1:00P

Don’t knit shawls because you don’t think you’d ever wear one? Knit a few shawls but don’t wear them? Maybe it’s all in the styling or the construction of the shawl you’ve chosen. Here’s a one-time chance to take a look at the world of knitted shawls, from different constructions to yarn choices, color choices as well as styling options.
And let’s also include that worrisome garment that some call a poncho - and, perhaps that generous stole or scarf that might be languishing on the needles. Let’s get it knit in a way that you’ll love, with just a few ingenious ideas that might turn you into a shawl fashionista!  Anything you wear around your neck will be modeled and discussed with tips and tricks to make your shawl knitting a must have! This is a 3-hour workshop.